China Tour 2074 Travelogue : Anusha Khadka

Published Date: January 23, 2018

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”     – Saint Augustine

17th September 2017, we students of grade 10 along with our teachers and tour coordinator gathered at the airport at around 8:30am.  Saying bye bye to our parents and assuring them we would take care of ourselves we headed in to the Tribhuvan International Airport. Total 52 of us were there among which we were sub divided into 6 different groups. We held our passport in our hands and dragged our luggage and started our journey. We got our boarding pass, filled the immigration form and headed towards the waiting room.

 As we were divided into groups we were said to be in the group with our group leader. Me, Pranjali, Abhidha, Vidha, Pratistha, Shristika and Arshi were in a group and our group leader was Tr.Rachana. As for all of us in the group it was our first international trip we were so excited   that we didn’t realize how fast the waiting time was over. Finally, at around 11:15am we got on the airplane. We all the friends had our seats nearby.

Slowly the airplane took off, so here our journey started. I was seeing the beauty of the nature and the 3hours was over… it was time for us to get off the plane and go through security check in Lha

sa. There too we filled an immigration form and went through a security check. They had a very strict checking in Lhasa. We had to open our shoes too for the checking. Though they had strict security check, I liked that we could rate their service. There was a machine in each counter through which we could rate their service in very good, good, satisfied and poor customer service. After that we again got in the airplane. The airport there in Lhasa was really big. After that I fell asleep in the flight from Lhasa to Chengdu.

After a while during the flight we got to know our flight from Chengdu to Beijing was cancelled. We reached Chengdu airport at around 8:00pm.Then we went to our hotel and there it took us some time to get our room keys. As everybody was tired we hurried up to our room as soon as we got the keys. As we had flight at 7:00Am in the morning we had to leave the hotel at 5:00am next day. So, we slept after that because we didn’t want to miss our flight.



18th September 2017, early morning at 4:00 we got wakeup call from our teacher as well as the hotel. As me and Abhidha were sharing a room, we got ready and went to the lobby with our luggage where our teachers were waiting for us. Then we left for the airport after some security check we got in our airplane. After a flight of around 3 hours we reached Beijing at around 11:00 then there we met our guide May whom we gave name Maya. She introduced herself and told our plans for Beijing and the day.

In Beijing we stayed for 3 days and 3 nights. Here we visited Tiananmen Square as it was already dark the lights there were looking amazing.

We clicked a lot of photos here. We also got a chance to see outside view of bird nest. We also visited Beijing science and technology museum where we got to watch a 4D short movie.
In Forbidden City too we had lots of fun. In silk museum we got a chance to see how the products were made from the silk. We also got an opportunity to buy some silk products there but as it was too expensive we decide not to buy any stuff there.Temple of heaven had a very interesting history. There was no statues or pictures of god there it was empty though it had a great significance. It is said that every wish are fulfilled there. Next we visited a jade factory which was expensive too but we managed to buy some stuffs from there for ourselves and our parents. The best thing for us in Beijing was we got a chance to climb great wall at Juyong pass. From here we got to see amazing view of Beijing.


We visited a zoo in Beijing but due to lack of time we could only see pandas there. As pandas are found rarely in Nepal it was probably first time for most of us seeing a panda .In Beijing we also visited some of the local market there. We also visited a tea store where we could get variety of teas which would help us to maintain our body and health. We got to see how the people there were conscious about their health. The people were dancing and doing exercises at the side of the road after their dinner.

On 21st September 2017, he headed to shanghai from Beijing through bullet train. It is the fastest train of the world.

In shanghai our tour guide was Mr. Raymond. He explained us about the place. Most of the people there didn’t understand English. So, our guide helped us to communicate with the people there.

In shanghai we went for cruise dinner. We got to eat some sea food there. The view of the shanghai city was looking very beautiful from the cruise.

We visited a shanghai museum which had the information and materials from past. The museum showed about the history of the china. There were clothes, utensils and art used in the past.

We also visited a jade Buddha temple where we saw the statues of different form of Buddha made from jade.


We also visited people’s park Nanjing road, shanghai urban planning exhibition center and shanghai science and technology museum. The people and government of china was really focused for the development of the country. They and long term vision and made sustainable plans. A developing country like Nepal should take china as an example and work for its development.


The best part of the tour for me was our visit to the Disneyland. We spent a day in there. Most of the students always had Disneyland in their bucket list. We got to play various rides and click pictures with the Disney characters. We were also lucky enough and got to see the parade. The whole day we got to enjoy ourselves with the rides. The Disneyland is so big that we can’t even complete visiting all its part in 2 days. So, we felt it was short but memorable.

I think we students got a wonderful opportunity to learn and gain knowledge not only from studies prospective but also we learnt lesson for our life. From day 1 to the end we learned to be the leader for ourselves.


We saw the lifestyle of the people there in china which personally inspired me so much. The people there were hardworking and always conscious about themselves. The government there was also dedicated towards the development of the nation. Though there were a huge number of populations the resources were properly managed which made the life of the people a lot easier. The government had kept bicycles in the road so its citizens could travel from one place to another easily. Thousands of people travelled from the same train daily but there was no problem of crowd.

The people there were conscious about their health so they preferred boiled food to oily food. The people there used to do exercise together after dinner. They followed a very healthy way of living.

We didn’t always have fun there but there were times which stressed us a little sometime. One of our friends missed his luggage on the hotel on Beijing. It was great that through our guide he got his luggage back. It made us more conscious about our belongings. One our friend also lost her phone but she didn’t get it back. So, the tour also taught us to be more careful about our belongings. I think it made us more responsible. It was a great experience for me.

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”

-Anusha Khadka